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Also known as a RICS Building Survey or Level 3 Survey, the Full Structural Survey is the most comprehensive and detailed of all property surveys.

Our tailored RICS Structural Survey Report is longer and far more detailed than a Condition Survey or HomeBuyer Survey.  This type of survey is recommended for properties that are older, listed, have unusual features, are in a state of disrepair, or if they are of a significant size.  

What’s included in a Full Structural/Building Survey?

Carried out by one of our highly experienced, RICS qualified surveyors, the Full Structural/Building Survey is very thorough and culminates in a fully detailed report that will not only highlight visible defects and potential hidden issues, but also advise on the type of repair required, any property maintenance recommendations.  With this type of survey. All areas of the property will be inspected within the limitations encountered on inspection. We will look in the loft space and cellar if accessible. We do not look under fixed floor coverings or move furniture.  Rest assured that every ‘nook and cranny’ of the property, and its permanent outbuildings/garages, will be investigated.  Included in the survey is:

  • A thorough inspection of all areas of the property that are accessible, including all permanent outbuildings and/or garages
  • Heating – gas, electric or oil
  • Water systems
  • Damp proof condition
  • Drainage
  • Insulation
  • Pipes and gutters
  • Ceilings, roofs and walls
  • Windows and doors

Because the Full Structural/Building Survey is significantly more comprehensive that other surveys, the report will also include:

  • Advice on repair/maintenance required for defects
  • Detailed technical information on the full structure of the property, how it was built and the materials used
  • Detailed advice on how and/or why the build type affects the property’s structural integrity, including ongoing maintenance
  • Information on any existing/potential environmental hazards, and advice on areas where a legal advisor may be required
  • Proposals on further inspections required, subsequent to work being carried out on the property, due to the surveyor’s findings
  • Market valuation and reinstatement costs,will be provided at an additional cost.

We take pride in ensuring that all our clients’ needs are met in full.  Not sure which type of survey to opt for?  No problem.  Call us, tell us about the property and we will be able to advise which survey report is most suitable.