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If there are any major, specific problems with a property that may not necessarily be covered by a HomeBuyer Survey or Full Structural/Building Survey, you can opt for a Specific Defect Survey.

The Specific Defect Survey, also known as a Specific Structural Survey or Inspection, focuses on any specific problem associated with a property’s structure or condition.

The detailed survey report focuses on just the specific area that’s causing concern and would include areas such as: 

  • Cracking/bowing walls or beams
  • Subsidence
  • Timber rot or infestation
  • Damp
  • Quality of brickwork and/or non-standard construction
  • Flood or fire damage
  • Issues with the quality of specific aspects of the building or alterations (wall removals/loft conversions)
  • Roof defects.

One of our highly experienced, RICS-qualified surveyors will attend the property and focus on the area specified, providing a detailed analysis of the problem, its impact on other areas of the property, i.e. roof defects could affect the structure of the walls, as well as an average cost of rectifying the problem.

A Specific Defect Survey is the ideal option if you are buying a property and are worried about a specific area, if you are planning some building work and want peace of mind that the work proposed isn’t going to negatively affect the property, or you wish to get a second opinion.

As well as providing photographic evidence, our surveyors will provide detailed descriptions of what they discovered, advise if the situation is an issue or not, whether there is any short or long-term impact on the property, the work that needs to be carried out to rectify the problem, and the average cost of carrying out repairs.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, contact us to talk to one of our highly experienced surveyors.