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There is a growing popularity for buying a property at auction.  There are also a host of stories where it has gone horribly wrong.

At Laurence Quilter, we provide Pre-Auction Surveys to ensure that the property you are planning on buying at auction won’t leave you with any nasty surprises. 

Whether you are an property auction first-timer or an experienced buyer, we will provide a Pre-Auction Survey that is tailored to your needs, and recommend if it is the right property for you.

When buying a property at auction, there is a limited amount of time to get a survey done and make an informed decision whether to go ahead and try to purchase the property.  Depending on the condition of the property, we would recommend either a HomeBuyer Survey or a Full Structural/Building Survey is conducted.   

We will inspect property prior to auction, on your behalf, including any surrounding ground, outbuildings and the area, advising on whether it is our recommendation to go ahead or not. In addition, if you need any help  with costings or on building control matters, take advantage of our comprehensive range of Pre-Auction Services.

We understand that when it comes to getting a pre-auction report carried out, time is of the essence which is why you can depend on us to provide a speedy yet professional service.  Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.